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Supernova Depil by Helia-D – My Wax My Way

Melinda Hazafi van der Walt, director of Helia-D South Africa, moved her manufacturing operations from South Africa to Hungary, Europe, in 2020.

She joined forces with partner Péter Budaházy, the owner and manufacturer of Helia-D Kft in Hungary. In 2004, he revived the Helia-D skincare cosmetics national legacy to a leading retail and professional skin care cosmetic brand.

Melinda's waxing legacy expands over 25 years, in Southern Africa, as a leading professional wax trainer for Intimate and full body waxing for men and women. Revered by her Melinda salon wax clients for over 20 years, she quickly became the fastest waxer in the professional beauty industry.

By invitation, she trains her unique wax techniques for face, body and intimate wax to thousands of students and cosmeticians.

Beauty schools, beauty salons, numerous franchise training groups, and trade shows in Southern Africa have widely enjoyed her training.

The well-known Melinda wax brand, developed in 2005, was a blended rosin-based depilatory wax inspired by delightful fruits, cocktails, and semi-precious metals.

However, Melinda, a masterclass wax professional, wanted to take waxing to a new level by developing the unique synthetic resin-based Supernova wax brand for cosmeticians, incorporating years of extensive research and experience and differentiating it from other waxes.

As a result, the scientifically formulated Supernova brand grew exponentially in a few short years.

Supernova Depil by Helia-D celebrates the unity of Melinda and Supernova wax brands, bringing the best of both worlds of rosin and synthetic resin-based waxes to professionals. Melinda trains her unique waxing techniques via webinars and videos on the website and social media platforms that offer specialised training, tips & tricks.


Supernova Depil by Helia-D is a scientifically formulated wax that uses the best quality ingredients from international suppliers. As a result, the waxes are not susceptible to seasonal changes and inconsistency as experienced when using only naturally based rosins.

Supernova Depil by Helia-D is a low-temperature wax. It is thinly applied with fewer applications resulting in a strong pulling action allowing cosmeticians to wax more clients in less time.

Cosmeticians, especially the speed waxers, enjoy the quick application and removal action.

Supernova Depil by Helia-D is a flexible and elasticated wax that is effective on application and removal and won't break or crack unless:

Room temperature is not suitable for waxing, or
Cosmetician leaves the wax on for very long, or
A thin-edged wax application that dries faster and is not removed as quickly as the rest.

The formulations are developed and suited for beginners and professionals to wax all skin types, including sensitive skins, as they are gentle, soft, easy to use, and less uncomfortable. In addition, skin lifting and waxing perils can be reduced during waxing as cosmeticians can train with Melinda techniques.

Cosmeticians will feel the difference with these unique, clean wax formulations.