Supernova Depil by Helia-D Prep & Cleanse

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250 ml

Pre wax lotion that removes impurities used before waxing

Skin Cleanser for waxing Soothing Cooling
Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
Paraben Free Paraben Free
Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free
No animal product No animal product

Pre wax lotion removes oiliness, perspiration, pollution, make-up and lotions used before waxing. Use Talc powder or corn starch to remove oiliness or moisture from the skin for a better wax application and removal.

An active ingredient is Zinc oxide which effectively cleanses and soothes the skin. A white residue is observed after it is applied, and this helps the cosmeticians to see which areas need to be waxed.  Allantoin improves skin moisture retention by providing a smoothening effect and may protect the skin as an anti-irritant.

Shake well before use! Apply the Prep & Cleanse on a cotton pad and thoroughly cleanse the area to be waxed. If the skin is moist, then apply talc powder.


Product Range: Consumables

Product Type: Pre-wax treatment

Product Packaging: 250 ml

Product Description: White liquid with a gentle fragrance

Skin Types: All skin types

Skin Allergies: The active ingredient Zinc oxide has properties for reducing inflammation

Recommended for waxing areas: Apply before waxing the skin and use Talc powder or corn starch before waxing

Barcode: 5999861653003

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