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Want to know more about Supernova Depil by Helia-D waxing products? 

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Export Manager

Melinda Hazafi van der Walt

Export Distributor

Love Supernova Depil by Helia-D products and want to sell it in your country?

Drop us an email and join our team of export partners. We would love to meet you and look forward to assisting you with supplying your country with the best in depilatory waxes.


Want to sell Supernova Depil by Helia-D products and interested in distributing to the salons in your regional area. 

We will be delighted to connect you with distributors to offer these fantastic products to your salon professionals.

School partnership

We love training fresh minds and will happily partner with training schools. 

We offer training at the local training centres in Hungary and will gladly introduce Supernova Depil by Helia-D schools by invitation in distributing countries.

Salon Stockist

Are you looking to stock in your spa or salon?  

We have introduced four comprehensive starter kits to suit your salon needs. The wax types include Premium Hot & Film wax and Fusion Hot, Film and Strip wax. Professionals can ORDER ONLINE in Hungary or in Europe or contact us directly.