Melinda's waxing legacy expands over 25 years, in Southern Africa, as a leading professional wax trainer specialising in Intimate wax that includes speed waxing for Brazilian & Hollywood waxing for men and women.

Revered by her Melinda salon wax clients for over 20 years, she quickly became the fastest waxer in the professional beauty industry.

By invitation, Melinda trains unique wax techniques to thousands of students and cosmeticians. Beauty schools, beauty salons, numerous franchise training groups, and trade shows in Southern Africa have widely enjoyed her training.

   Keeping it
 Simple, Fun
 & Effective

My Wax My Way

Premium and Fusion Hot wax includes high-quality ingredients containing a synthetic beeswax blend and is effective as a MULTIDIRECTIONAL wax.

Premium and Fusion Film wax are best suited for sensitive skin types as they contain NO synthetic beeswax blend.
Application and removal are quick and easy, with fewer applications.


We are REVOLUTIONISING waxing by bringing MY WAX MY WAY unique concept to cosmeticians to add glitz and glamour to waxing. Cosmeticians can have fun and personalise their wax by adding designer Colour and Glitter cubes to the Premium and Fusion waxes for an enjoyable waxing experience.


Our range of waxes are elasticated, gentle and apply smoothly to the skin. The removal is effective with reduced pain. Premium waxes are THINLY applied and can be removed efficiently within a few seconds, dependent on hair growth. As a result, cosmeticians can enjoy reduced treatment wax times without the nuisance of wax cracking or breaking.

We developed two types of Hot and Film waxes and two types of strip waxes


Supernova Depil by Helia-D has simplified waxing and is a unique collaboration of rosin and
resin-based wax variants unique to the cosmetician’s personal preference.

Premium waxes are scientifically formulated and contain no rosin, and are excellent for all sensitive skin types using fewer applications with
better hair removal.

Fusion waxes are formulated with a high-quality glycerol rosinate, a scientific rosin blend that reduces skin reactions but remains
cost-effective for wax treatments.

CHOOSE a COLOUR or GLITTER cube that suits your style and personality

CHOOSE a HOT or FILM wax type

ADD the colour or glitter cube to the hot or film wax type to create your favourite wax colour combination!


Products are NOT tested on animals. Ingredients are carefully selected to protect the skin.


Products contain NO
gluten ingredients.

Paraben Free

All our products are paraben free and are aligned with EU regulations.

No animal product

No animal products excluding slight traces of beeswax in the Hot waxes.

Our products

Pre & Aftercare

Use Pre wax lotion and Afterwax products to maintain hygienic conditions during the waxing treatment.

Hot wax

Use Hot wax Premium and Fusion for all skin types as a multidirectional wax for speed waxing.

Film wax

Use Film wax Premium and Fusion for all skin types, especially for sensitive & allergic skins.

Colour & Glitter cubes

A revolution concept that gives the cosmetician to choose their wax colours and glitters that suit their style and personality.

Strip wax

We have created a non-sticky strip wax reducing the "sticky." 


Waxing with good quality accessories with Supernova Depil by Helia-D.


Look and feel Supernova Depil by Helia-D professional with our branded professional textiles and marketing products.

Starter Kits

Are you excited to test our revolutionary waxes? Try the complete set and choose the wax type that you love.

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